Eturuvie Erebor


She's a commoner. He's the Crown Prince. Prophecy foresees her as queen, even if his heart belongs to another. Will they go through with it or somehow cheat fate?

Eki is young and beautiful. Living with her family, she hates doing chores and dreams of marrying Odaro, son of a wealthy Benin chief. Destiny, however, has different plans for her.
Osad is the Crown Prince of the Benin Kingdom, and his heart belongs to another. Finding the prophecy ludicrous, he refuses to entertain the idea of marrying a local girl. For him, his destiny will be what he decides it to be!
But a king must have a queen even if he doesn't want one, and fate brings the two together. Determined to define his own path, Osad picks Eki to be his temporary queen, using her as a pawn in his game to marry his true love.
Will Osad's plan work? Will the prophecy be fulfilled, or will he find a way to cheat fate?

185 printed pages
Original publication



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