John O'Connell,Leonie O'Connell

What to Do When What You Did Didn't Work

Therapists, Counselors, Psychologists, NLPers and Life Coaches…

Why is it that more than 40% of people who see a therapist report little or no
change, or report feeling worse? This book reveals the difference between ineffective therapy or coaching
programs and a truly dynamic one. The steps to transform a good therapist or
coach into an exceptional one, ensuring that what you do works every time.

You will discover strategies to break through resistance and deal with
any client challenge

Learn 'out of the box' thinking with real-life case studiesDiscover what makes achieving success with a subconsciously resistant client easy
Uncover effective pattern interrupt strategies to jolt your client off a disruptive path
Ground-breaking research that improves the effectiveness of any therapy
Insider secrets to getting your clients, and you (the therapist) unstuck and on the road to success

Packed with great strategies and case studies. The authors provide helpful free resources to download that will help you gain more confidence and work more effectively with challenging or resistant cases.
174 printed pages
Original publication



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