How to Survive Your First Year As a Teacher, Michael Cimicata
Michael Cimicata

How to Survive Your First Year As a Teacher

Surviving your first year as a teacher can definitely be a difficult thing to do. There are tons of things to learn, and the faculties of education can only teach you a limited amount. As a newbie teacher, I was dazed and confused; however, some of my experienced colleagues made it a lot easier by telling me about some tips, tricks, and strategies.

This ebook is the complete guide for first year teachers to live by. It contains information on:
-What to do during the week before school starts
-What teaching resources to collect
-Tips to make your first year of teaching completely enjoyable
-The most important staff members to get to know ASAP
-How to set up your classroom
-What to do on the first day of school

And much, much more.

My first year of teaching was absolutely amazing because of the information that was handed to me. This ebook was designed to give that information back to the teaching community and make the lives of new teachers much easier!
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