Richard J Oldale

Journeys to Ancient Worlds: What Modern Man Can Learn from Ancient Civilisations – South America

There is a misconception of South America in the west. The same can be said for the history of humankind. What is more troubling is the lack of knowledge we have about ourselves. Journeys To Ancient Worlds asks the questions — and finds the answers — that shatter lies and illusions. To delve into the world of our ancestors is to understand the power YOU have and appreciate what you are capable of. Explore the knowledge the ancients left and you will discover a new you! This fascinating travel book guides you to places where you can learn about the mysterious workings of the world and the intricate connection you have with it. Learn to connect with the nature that governs your life and you will be whatever you want to be! Witty, informative and enlightening, What Modern Man Can Learn From Ancient Civilisations is essential reading for travellers brave enough to explore countries and cultures you know little about — but more importantly, it awakens you to the fact that you have to explore yourself!
312 printed pages
Original publication


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