Sarah Maclean

The Day of the Duchess

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    Merylhas quoted9 months ago
    Finally, he thought. Finally someone saw it. Someone who believed it. Two someones. Two someones, who listened when he said, “I know how much I love her. I’ve known it for years.”

    They looked at each other, then to him, their judgment plain. They thought him an imbecile. “You should tell her, then.”

    Frustration flared. Did they honestly believe he did not wish to do just that? Did they believe it was so simple?
    Emmie Musthas quotedlast year
    “That is the problem with truth; so often you must rely on faith to embrace it.”
    Emmie Musthas quotedlast year
    Why was it that men’s rage came in a flurry of fists, while women’s came on a flood of tears?
    Anne Bagerhas quoted2 years ago
    time stretching with impressive weight, and said, “You never cam
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