Jenn Louis

Pasta by Hand

“If you’re obsessed with gnocchi and all of it’s easy-to-make relative shapes, there’s no better book on the market.” —Epicurious
Pasta is the ultimate comfort food, and making it by hand is a favorite project for weekend cooks. From rising culinary star and 2012 Food & Wine Best New Chef Jenn Louis, this book includes more than sixty-five recipes for hand-shaped traditional pastas and dumplings, along with deeply satisfying sauces to mix and match. Louis shares her recipes and expertise in hand-forming beloved shapes such as gnocchi, orecchiette, gnudi, and spatzli as well as dozens of other regional pasta specialties appearing for the first time in an English-language cookbook. With photos of finished dishes and step-by-step shaping sequences, this beautiful book is perfect for DIY cooks and lovers of Italian food.
“The luxurious sauce recipes in the last chapter are worth the price of admission alone and feature traditional ragús of lamb, rabbit, porcini, tomato, beef, and wild boar. This single-focus cookbook is written with both authority and a passion for ‘some of the most soulful Italian food we can eat.’” —Publishers Weekly
“With passion and authenticity, Jenn Louis has captured the diversity of the regional pastas, from Trentino-Alto Adige, down to Puglia, and over to Sardinia. This book is a must-read for anyone looking to learn about true Italian food and culture.” —Marc Vetri, award-winning chef of Vetri Family restaurants
“She’s gone to the source and rubbed floury elbows with nonnas and professional cooks alike, and then written the Italian dumpling gospel. What a delightful—and important—primer she’s given us!” —Julia Della Croce, author of The Pasta Book
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