Sarah Louise Smith

You Didn't Mention the Piranhas

How to live more bravely and successfully navigate through any disaster
In 2018, award-winning lawyer and business leader Sarah Nelson Smith found herself at the heart of a corporate crisis that made headlines around the world. A distribution failure led to hundreds of KFC restaurants being unable to open, threatening the livelihoods of franchise owners and exposing the company to huge financial loss and public ridicule. Why didn’t the chicken cross the road? Well, where to start…
With grace and good humour, Sarah Nelson Smith shares the lessons learned from the KFC #chickencrisis and many other experiences, offering an insightful and eminently practical guide to preparing for, working through and emerging stronger and wiser from any crisis. Clear, relatable and refreshingly honest, You Didn’t Mention the Piranhas is packed with insights on how to battle highs and lows, develop greater self-awareness, and decide how you want your story to continue — whether in business or in any other area of life.
224 printed pages
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