Eight Lessons for a Happier Marriage, Carleen Glasser, William Glasser
Carleen Glasser,William Glasser

Eight Lessons for a Happier Marriage

91 printed pages
Applying the methods and ideas espoused in his popular book Choice Theory, world-renowned psychiatrist and relationship expert Dr. William Glasser, along with his wife, Carleen, offers a practical guide to an enduring, satisfying, successful marriage. Eight Lessons for a Happier Marriage showcases eight real-life histories of troubled couples and presents simple, practical solutions to overcoming the pitfalls illustrated therein. Keeping love alive and strong is not as difficult as you think; let the Glassers and this indispensable book show you how!
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There is so little focus on making one’s partner happy. Instead, we look to our partners to make us happy and we may even believe that it is their responsibility to do so. We try to control, coerce, humble, guilt, shame, and do whatever else we can think of to get what we want from the marriage. We each become very clear about what our partner needs to do to improve but seem oblivious of the need to change ourselves.
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