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Kristen Wernecke

Choosing Conscious Health for a Vibrant Life

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Choosing Conscious Health for a Vibrant Life is a practical guide that draws on the author’s 22 years of experience in healing through massage, energy healing and other integrative modalities. This book is written for any person who is curious about or ready to improve their physical, mental-emotional or spiritual health. Readers are guided through an inventory of current attitudes toward diet, exercise, and stress management and introduced to spiritual and energetic paths for health and healing and the power of the mind-body connection. The author provides a clear introduction to integrative healing methods and clarifies how they supplement traditional medicine, especially for those in crisis, in chronic pain or illness, or facing life-threatening disease. Choosing Conscious Health for a Vibrant Life also serves as a preventative health care manual for anyone interested in expanding their healing journey through life. This book of stories, science, and tools for change moves each reader to the next level of awareness and broadens the options we all have for achieving conscious health.
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