Marc Stiegler

Let The Bits Run Free

Charlie was just doing his homework. But on the BrainTrust, homework can get you in a lot of hot water.

How do you teach children to defend themselves from a cyberattack?

On the BrainTrust, you first teach them how to launch a cyberattack.

Inevitably, overachieving twelve-year-old Charlie Winston has gone and done it. He’s a bright kid, and he’s gonna get a really excellent grade for the shockingly sensitive, perfidious data he’s collected. Perhaps too excellent.

Now peacekeepers, teachers, news reporters, and a California Lead Investigator are all converging on him. How can he get them to understand, it’s just not that big a deal?

A short novelette set in the world of the BrainTrust.
46 printed pages
Original publication



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