Misadventures of a Valedictorian, M.F. Wild, Mia Michelle
M.F. Wild,Mia Michelle

Misadventures of a Valedictorian

Like most girls at Ridgeville High, Clare Winston has spent years fantasizing about sexy star quarterback Eric Hayward. He’s gorgeous, talented, and untouchable. While Clare studies her way to the top of the senior class, Eric and his best friend Travis Whyte have stayed busy throwing game-winning passes and taking the cheer squad to bed. Shy and mostly solitary after a tragic loss, Clare has never been on the radar of any social scene. Then a steamy chance encounter changes everything. Suddenly one naughty misadventure isn’t enough—for either of them. Eric is determined to open Clare’s eyes to every kind of pleasure, even if it means exploring an unconventional arrangement and ultimately taking a chance on something deeper. But with change comes new challenges. Temptation lurks at every turn, and Clare has to decide if Eric is the one who deserves not just her body but her heart.
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Chauntelle Torres Bentley
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Because I love you. And I’ve never loved anyone. I loved you enough to let you go, to let you feel things and have experiences that rip my heart out.”

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