Blair Erotica

Full Moon Cruise

Lateenya takes a much-needed break to see lusty friends and party. She leaves Roger in charge of the boat and the charter business. En route she meets a sexy mystery man and goes to his shack on the beach. They screw furiously without exchanging names, then he goes to work. When she gets to her girlfriend Ginnie’s place she learns that she wants to watch her husband Serge screw Lateenya, and it winds up becoming a wild threesome.

When Lateenya leaves Roger and Tommy waste no time convincing two lovely and lusty ladies they’ve met to take an erotic cruise, promising lovely, balmy nights and plenty of crazed sex under the full moon. The girls are even more adventurous than they expected and it leads to bareback sex in every combination.

~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~

“So you are attracted to older women?” the tall blonde asked with a grin.

As I returned her smile, she leaned across the small table that separated us with her elbow on the table and her chin resting on her hand as she stared into my eyes. The long and slender fingers of her other hand toyed with her drink, her bright red nails clinking against the glass.

The question seemed foolish to me. After all, I had been doing my level best to seduce her for about an hour and my intentions had to be rather obvious. I danced with her, trying to monopolize her when the music seemed right for slow dances, I bought her a drink, and I gracefully let her buy me one. I had stared, with open admiration, at her body. As the evening wore on, I had touched her, cautiously, testing her reaction, at every opportunity as we talked the usual crap that you talk about with people on vacation.

Vacation talk is vacuous stuff. No one really wants to spend the time talking about the lives they are getting away from, and don't have much else to tell you.

So, yes, I liked, wanted this older woman. I thought I had been clear.

I had learned her name, Brenda, and that she worked as some kind of manager in an office. An upmarket lady, probably in her late thirties, she was slender and tall, probably close to my six feet. She wasn't skinny though, and had a nice, sensual, shape. Although I liked her body, as it often is with me, however, the thing that drew me to her was the twinkle I saw in her eye. I saw a fire smoldering inside, and when I see that, it excites me. I like to get close to women with fire inside as it makes for hot nights and smoky times.

In a way I could understand her question. It was high season in this Caribbean resort town and the marina bar swarmed with delectable women, many seemingly unattached. There were a lot for a young guy to choose from and she had to wonder why I had homed in on her, but homed in, I had.

The question, honestly asked, deserved an answer. “I don't pay much attention to older, younger, taller or shorter,” I said. “I am attracted to sexy women. Soft, sassy women with attitudes. I am attracted to you. As far as I do think about age, I don't like them too young, looking like little girls, or too old so that they make me think of my mother.”

“How old do you think I am?” she asked.

I laughed. “I don't answer questions that have no right answer. I won't fall into the trap of guessing your age but I will say you are definitely in your prime.”

She laughed this time and I let it trickle over me. It was a soft, gentle, pleased laughter. “I bet you get a lot of women with that line.”

“It isn't just a line,” I said. “Sure, it is probably something a woman wants to hear, but I wouldn't say it if it wasn't true. There are ways to be diplomatic, even seductive without lying.”
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