Daryl Janney


1982, the Golden Age of modeling…New York City, the fashion capital of the world. A nineteen year old boy leaves a small Midwestern College on his nineteenth birthday…not in search of fame or riches, but in search of a way out of his dead end life. Hoping to beat the odds and become a model and earn money to go to a better school and have a chance at a better life. Fiercely determined and armed only with a skeptical mind and a tireless work ethic, he heads to the Big Apple. This is his story; from his deepest thoughts to his piercing observations of the world that he lives in. Based on a true story, Daryl's beautiful and descriptive prose will allow you to see, hear and feel his world as if you are there. Nineteen is not a story that you have heard before, and it is not a story that you will ever forget.
406 printed pages
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