Ronald Ritter,Sussan Evermore

Conversations with Sir Galgano Chuidotto: The Real Sword in the Stone

The legend of King Arthur centers a knight and a sword in a stone in England.

However, in the Tuscan countryside of Italy is where a mystery exists, not dissimilar to this legend. In a small chapel on a hilltop exists a sword plunged into a rock by a feudal knight.

The knight is not King Arthur and the sword is not Excalibur but the sword of a real medieval knight.

The knight arrives at a hilltop and plunges his sword into the stone on the ground. The sword enters without resistance.

One of the most interesting stories to come out of the legend of Sir Galgano Guidotti is the story of 'Merlini' the sorcerer. This name is recorded as a resident of the town of Chiusdoni, the birth place of Galgano.

Now read as Sir Galgano Chuidotti speaks through Sussan a well known psychic and channeler. We also listen to 'Osiris' a non-physical entity as he speaks about 'Merlini' (Merlin the sorcerer) the knights friend and mentor.
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