Robert Evert

Blood in Snow

The epic Riddle in Stone fantasy saga comes to a dramatic, action-packed  conclusion as the kingdom’s most unlikely hero faces his own demise.
Following Riddle in Stone and Betrayal in the Highlands, Blood in the Snow serves as a thrilling finale to the beloved series by the author of the Quests of the Kings trilogy.
Having committed treason by claiming the Highlands for his own kingdom, Edmund—the one-eyed, stuttering former librarian—decides to stop running and make his final stand. Along with his best friend, Pond Scum, and his manic dog, Becky, he must fight off goblins, magic users, and King Lionel’s entire army in order to protect what he loves. However, his deadliest adversary is the approaching winter, and neither Edmund nor his men have the supplies they need to survive . . .
294 printed pages
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