Paul Negri

Great French Short Stories

Twelve of the finest short stories by great French writers comprise this excellent collection, with themes that range from desire and psychological intrigue to the mysteries of failure and success.Includes: &quote;The Horla&quote; and &quote;The Necklace&quote; by Guy de Maupassant; &quote;The Attack on the Mill&quote; by Emile Zola; &quote;Mocromegas&quote; by Voltaire; &quote;The Legend of St. Julian the Hospitaler&quote; by Gustave Flaubert; &quote;Mateo Falcone&quote; by Prosper Mérimée; &quote;The Return of the Prodigal Son&quote; by André Gide; &quote;The Dark Lantern&quote; by Jules Renard; &quote;Emilie&quote; by Gérard de Nerval; &quote;The Unknown Masterpieces&quote; by Honoré de Balzac; &quote;The Pope's Mule&quote; by Alphonse Daudet; and &quote;Salomé&quote; by Jules Laforgue.Classic explorations of passion, terror, and fate, these enduring literary gems will be invaluable to students and teachers of French literature and a joy for anyone who delights in fine writing.
305 printed pages
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