Cecila Anthony Joseph

Righteous Man

Righteous Man is a true story. It tells of a good man who is God fearing, a pray warrior and has a compassionate heart for others. Because of his goodness, he melted the heart of Almighty God in heaven, causing God to send down his angels from heaven to earth so the angels could help the man when his store was about to be robbed. Even though the man died, due to his goodness, today millions of souls are being saved throughout the world because of his actions. The author wrote this book because she was touched by the Righteous Man’s way of living. She wondered if it was really true that God sent His angels to earth to help him. And if God can help one good man, can God also help us if our way of living is the same as the Righteous Man? “So I tried that and I experienced the presence of God in me in times of trouble. I want every reader of this book to be touched by God and experience the same feeling as myself and the late Righteous Man. By that, we will all know that there is always God to depend on in times of trouble.”
14 printed pages



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