10 Conversations You Need to Have with Yourself, Shmuley Boteach
Shmuley Boteach

10 Conversations You Need to Have with Yourself

265 printed pages
Celebrity author and therapist Rabbi Boteach shows how to use the power of self-talk to reach your full potentialSome of the most effective talk therapy is self-talk therapy—learning to connect positively with that internal voice that serves as your own personal GPS to guide you through life. Rabbi Shmuley teaches the reader to reconnect with the inner voice of conscience, the source of personal dreams and values, which has been so drowned out by the noise of a culture that emphasizes form over substance, career over calling, and consumption over conviction. Drawing on Rabbi Shmuley's extensive counseling experience, this book helps you defeat negative self-talk and strengthen your positive inner voices of inspiration, conscience, and deepest self to help you move forward and live your truest life. Filled with dramatic real-life examples and practical exercises, it guides you through the ten most important and life-changing conversations you will ever have.Shows how to use the art of conversation and self-reflection to turn negative self-talk into positive self-talk and improve your lifeIncludes dramatic stories from Boteach's own counseling work and practical self-improvement exercisesCovers important life issues such as love, self-esteem, success, and fear of agingFrom the star of TLC's television series Shalom in the Home and author of 10 Conversations You Need to Have with Your Children and other books
Start the conversation today and you'll find the voice of inspiration, the motivation to make the right choices in your life, and the ability to be true to your innermost self.
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