Things that Fall from the Sky, Selja Ahava
Selja Ahava

Things that Fall from the Sky

163 printed pages
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A young girl loses her mother when a block of ice falls from the sky. A woman wins the lottery jackpot twice in a row. A man is struck by lightning five times. They are all searching for an explanation for these random events, for a way to come to terms with the unexpected turns their lives have taken.

After her mother’s death, Saara and her father move in with her Auntie Annu. While Saara dwells on all the things that are left unfinished when someone dies – from gardening and house renovations to bedtime stories – her dad is overwhelmed with anger. Annu keeps the family going, until she wins her second lottery jackpot, and falls into a deep sleep.

Things that Fall from the Sky is a story of everyday life, a meditation on the passing of time, the endurance of love and the inevitability of change. This prize-winning novel by one of Finland’s best-loved writers is touching readers’ hearts all over the world.

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It’s a bit like she’s making a gigantic red sushi roll.
When I was little, I thought Mum’s grandma was a fossil, because she died a long time ago.
Hey, we’re not made of sugar.
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