Kevin Ph.D. Hough

Visual Basic 2010 Coding Briefs Data Access

In today's high-tech, information driven world, the security of personal data is vital. We have all heard the horror stories of personal data being compromised from companies, both large and small.
The data access framework that we will develop in Coding Briefs will allow us to create datasets, execute queries, and select data in a secure, managed process.
This framework will provide a solid foundation for managing secure data access through stored procedures, allowing us to select, insert, update, and delete records from a SQL Server database. We will have access to parameterized queries and will develop an automated process for discovering stored procedure parameters.
The major areas that we will address in this brief are as follows:
— Discussing the Data Access Framework (DAL)
— Importing Libraries and Declaring Values
— Managing the Database Connections
— Selecting Records
— Manipulating Data
— Preparing the Select and Execute Methods
— Working with Parameters
— Testing the Data Access Framework
And, as a bonus, two complete sample applications have been added; one for Windows, and one in ASP. Net, that will test all of the features on the data access framework.
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