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Robert Parker

Sharing Time With Our Wonderful Dogs

A dog certainly is a wonderful friend to men and women.
In my experience, all dogs are forever constant, loyal, obedient, consistent, and faithful.
They will remain by your side through thick and thin, ever ready to defend you, comfort you, and love you.
Indeed I have heard stories of dogs getting separated from their owners, but still waiting faithfully for years until the time comes when they can be re-united. There are tales of dogs getting lost, and then going through thick and thin to find their way home and get back to their owner. I say 'owner' though there really is some doubt as to whether the man owns the dog, or the dog owns the man.
The best time to 'acquire' a dog is probably when it is at six to ten weeks old. At this point in time, it is a wrench for the dog to be separated from their 'mum', but very quickly a new bond forms with the new owner, and if the dog is given the time and love that all creatures need, the bond becomes life-long and unshakeable.
I have owned eight dogs during my life time. Every one has been very special, with individual and different and endearing traits. It has been a joy to share their lives and their love, to help them discover the natural world, and to form an eternal bond. When the end of their life has come, each and every time…………. the grief has been unbounded.
……………… but the memories remain forever, and this little book is an attempt to share some of these precious occasions and moments that occurred and we enjoyed together.
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