The Sixth Family: Seeds of Power, Anthony Felicette
Anthony Felicette

The Sixth Family: Seeds of Power

It is the era of Freestyle music, Guido’s, Guidette’s and GM muscle cars. It's also the era of five very powerful Mafia crime families controlling New York and the distribution of drugs throughout the rest of the country. That era is about to start its decline as three teens inadvertently begin the demise of the five families and plant the seeds of power that leads to the birth of a sixth family which will become more powerful than the original five put together.
When a depressed Enzo Crescenti, the neighborhood car thief, asks Anthony Farrell, a local loan shark, to get him drugs from a mutual friend and dealer, Mike Maffasio, it sets Anthony down a path that will change not only his life, but also shake and destroy the foundations of the entire Mafia landscape.
After a fateful night, Anthony finds himself with a price on his head by a Dominican Cartel. When the Italian families won't help him because he's not made he must rely on a mysterious Colombian drug queen for help.
36 pictures included!
497 printed pages
Original publication



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