Emma Lingard

Grimsby Streets

A “fascinating” walk through the history of one English port town, told through the names of its streets—includes photos (Books Monthly).
With a history that dates back to the days of the Vikings, Grimsby, on England’s eastern coast, has served as a hub for shipping companies and fishermen and a home to generations of citizens. Arranged alphabetically, Grimsby Streets is a journey through time, examining the meanings and origins of many of the town’s street names, from their association with the Danish settlers through to the Victorian era and the men who helped develop the town and build its surrounding docks. Names of the great and good who were forgotten until now are explored, as well as some of the many famous people who were born there, and where they lived.
The book also covers numerous incidents that occurred on Grimsby's streets, providing colorful insight into the history of this once-famous fishing port and some of the many wonderful buildings that stood there. Included throughout are a selection of old photographs, some of which have never been published before, a reminder of what this town was like before change and demolition in the 1960s.
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