J.C. Phillips

The Ellen Potter Mysteries Book One

The year is 1936, and seven strangers find themselves trapped in a remote and lonely railway station on the desolate Yorkshire moors when a freak storm brings down a tree on the track. As railway staff battle to clear the line farther north, it soon becomes apparent that those stranded will be there for some time, and they reluctantly settle down for the night as the storm rages outside.
But who is lurking in the dimly lit station, watching the passengers as they huddle around the waiting room fire? And what terrors lie in wait for them out on the storm-tossed moor? Who is the sinister, delphian Travers? And what of his unnerving ability to elicit the darkest and most intimate secrets from his reluctant fellow travelers?
Nothing is as it seems at Little Hubery. The hours pass and stories are told, and no one who witnesses the horrors that unfold leaves the station unscathed or unaltered by the experience. Some won’t leave at all.
For Ellen, it opens up a door and heralds the awakening of abilities she was previously unaware of.
150 printed pages
Original publication



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