Silas H. Patterson

Blood is Thicker

Adam Davis, Vietnam War draftee, former soldier and now vampire, is back home on the South Side, and he quickly finds that his home, Chicago has changed greatly from what it was when he was drafted and that there are new dangers to his wife and infant son. There are new enemies that challenge his resolve and new found abilities, from racist police, uncaring businessmen, and murderous drug dealing gang members, to an evil, power mad vampire named Richard Coeur de Leon who is determined to have him in his “Society.” All of these enemies are not only are new sources of blood but help him to fight harder to protect his wife Marian, her new born son Adam and kill all of those who make life harder for the truly good in society. And as his now adult son experiences his father’s 25 year story, he quickly finds out that sadly, despite his father’s best efforts and supernatural power he cannot save everyone.
885 printed pages
Original publication



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