Dying to Score, Judith Cutler
Judith Cutler

Dying to Score

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Sophie Rivers is finally on holiday! She's left behind the stresses of a tough job teaching at a deprived inner -city college in Birmingham, and has just started seeing the delectable Mike Lowden, one of the country's most exciting cricketers. When he suddenly becomes the prime suspect in the particularly nasty murder of a not-so-popular rival cricketer, Sophie's got too much to lose to remain merely a spectator…
Her old friend Chris Groom, now a Superintendent, is in charge of the investigation but finds that the messages he's sending to his team are going adrift. The more deeply that Sophie gets involved, the more sinister the circumstances appear. Dos she have to nail a bent policeman as well as find the real murderer? Who drove another of Warwickshire's leading players to his death? And what is the identity of the mysterious motorcyclist who's begun to stalk her?
There's not a lot that will make Sophie stop asking questions: not even when someone makes it crystal clear that she herself is the next target…
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