Timothy Venning

The Fall of Cromwell’s Republic and the Return of the King

This book completes the series of studies of the 'British Revolution of the Three Kingdoms of England and Wales, Scotland and Ireland' and covers the period from the fall of the 'failed state' and Protectorate in 1657 to the restoration of the Stuart monarchy and Charles II in 1660, examines the Restoration settlement in depth and a high point in Stuart pro-French and Catholic policy — contrary to the 1660 Restoration understanding when Charles II vowed reluctance 'go on {his} travels again' and follows the Stuart Restoration and pro-French — and pro-Catholic foreign policy to 1670.
Cromwell's death had signaled the end of an overarching figure who held the failing state together and began England's nascent 'great power' foreign and 'colonial' policy. It covers Richard Cromwell's emergence and as a figure far from the 'Tumbledown Dick' of popular legend. Also, the remarkable role of General George Monck as the genial military man guiding the failing and chaotic state to Restoration and stability. Monck underpinned the gentry and merchant class as the root of state and society which outlived civil wars, military dictatorship, political chaos and Stuart monarchical rule.
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