Michelle Love

Come with Me

When billionaire property mogul Theo Storm gives the Commencement address at her college,
grad student Jess Wood initially dismisses him as a rich, bland businessman.
When he notices her in the audience however, his blatant admiration for her attracts whispers
amongst her friends and colleagues and an embarrassed Jess escapes from the throng,
only to find herself unable to stop thinking about him.
Storm tracks her down to her tiny apartment and persuades her to have dinner
with him and the incredible attraction between them becomes almost unbearable.
Theo takes Jess back to his luxurious penthouse and going against all her self-made rules, Jess goes to bed with him.
Instead of breaking the tension between them, their tempestuous, uninhabited sexual chemistry
awakens something almost feral inside of her, leaving her craving more and more of this incredible man.
78 printed pages
Original publication



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