David Gomadza

Antitrust Laws

It is an unprecedented challenge to strike the correct balance between regulatory burden and merger facilitation that often result in either vicious cycles or virtuous cycles.  That determine whether corporations and trusts will merge and grow bigger to take advantage of the often misunderstood and under-appreciated concept of economies of scale.

The antitrust laws had been actively breaking down and enabling Rollback to sizes perceived as manageable and not threats to the governments, the FTC, and the interstates rather than to competition. This has been going on for the past seventy years or even more with little or no progress. We believe mankind is still in the defensive stage of development when we should be in networking and cooperation. Where we use advanced technology to share ideas and develop technologies that will take us out of this defensive stage. The question is this. Are the FTC, the interstate, and the governments doing the right thing in attacking these tech giants? Going after each one of them with a direct preplanned goal. To interrogate, accuse, rip them off through fines then break them up into smaller sizes “ to facilitate competition and provide a free market” at the same time creating value for the consumer?” Then Rollback all to sizes perceived as safe and not threats?

Or it is time we all argue that these agencies use the Rule of Reason as we believe that not all corporations or antitrust are evil. Some are good and are the only ones to take us to the next stage of development. Is it not time to let these tech giants lead the way? Do you know that 70 % or more of the most powerful entities in the world are corporations and trusts? Big enough with vast resources to turn things around for us. Is it not time to let these lead the way? Is it not also time for a new global legal framework?

Surely the growth of these has surpassed those at the time the Sherman Act was enacted in 1890 when the Federal Trade Commission and the Department of Justice were tasked to deal with these. Is it not the time for a real global leader to act as a referee between these FTC, interstates, governments, and these corporations? I think it is time for Tomorrow's World Order to guide and act as the overseer. To lead mankind to the next stage of development. Surely, we can’t afford to waste any more time. The context in which these antitrust laws were enacted must be considered. We think it is not only a miscarriage of justice but grossly flawed and a criminal offense on the part of the Federal Trade Commission and its allies to consider that carrying out a SWOT analysis and acting on the results is an anticompetitive tactic.

Remember they follow the legal corporations or company’s act. When this tactic is a legally approved method to deal with the issues of the lack of incentives to invest. The need to merge and gain economies of scale to overcome and conquer the vicious cycle and go to the virtuous stages. Corporations do what they do because this is the only way they can go to the next stage. A stage that will see them realize economies of scale and be able to offer the highest quality products at lower prices different from what the FTC and its allies are regarding as benefits. What can be beneficial to the consumers if the products are: okay cheaper. But of poor quality, as compared to what can be achieved? What do you call competition and variety when you refer to small-sized early entry companies most of whom only make a profit to remain in business without any to invest?

That makes us ask. What are the real motives of these agencies? Are they milking these tech giants or planning to? Who are the real people or agencies harming the people? Are all these agencies clean or they are the worst competition blockers? Masters of poor service provisions and involved in human-hacking for stealing data secretly and using this to get illegal donations as they pass tips? We know tech giants breach privacy and personal data laws too. When do we say enough is enough?
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