Keith Barnes

Sunrise and Sunset

Prunella, wife of local stockbroker Christopher Hetherington, was at a crossroads in her life. Her husband and their two children had become to her like the fixtures and fittings in their home — Alison and Robert no longer depended on her as they had done when they were younger, and Christopher was embedded in routine. She was feeling unappreciated and decided she was not fulfilling her potential — gardening and shopping was not satisfying her, surely there must be more than this to life?
Would an affair fill the void?
While pruning the rhododendrons, Prunella wondered how she could seduce a likely candidate — possibly one of Christopher's partners in the stockbroking firm, Latham, Blakeshaw and Smithers. Perhaps she should work part-time in the office to attain her goal?
Meanwhile, is Christopher also feeling that their marriage has become run of the mill? After all, you know what they say — variety is the spice of life!
153 printed pages



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