Mark Earls,Daniele Fiandaca,Laura Jordan Bambach,Scott Morrison

Creative Superpowers

'Every business leader should read it immediately' Emma Gannon, author of The Multi-Hyphen Method
'A book that made my brain fizz' Bruce Daisley, VP EMEA, Twitter

We are about to enter an Age of Creativity that requires a new set of skills. This book introduces you to four creative superpowers that will help solve your biggest business problems and open up fresh opportunities, namely the powers of:
Hacking — learn how becoming a hacker will help you tackle problems in different ways.Making — learn how getting your hands dirty and making things stimulates new parts of the brain as well as creating happy accidents.Teaching — learn how teaching yourself and others consolidates experience in a fast-paced world.Thieving — learn how looking to what already exists helps you solve your problems.
197 printed pages
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    Mikie Joneshas quoted2 months ago
    There is no teacher in this space, only a facilitator (if in a school this is the ‘teacher’). It’s about self- and peer-to-peer learning, so it’s important to resist stepping in and wanting to show how it’s done or ‘help’.
    Mikie Joneshas quoted2 months ago
    True learning happens when we value curiosity, investigation, experimentation, research and reflection, all of which are key features in making.
    Mikie Joneshas quoted2 months ago
    I believe there are three things our brain needs in order to produce ideas: 1) a baseline level of knowledge about a subject or project; 2) sleep, so our brain can process new information and concepts into ideas; and 3) time and space for quiet reflection after we get up, so we can reduce the load on our brain to allow it to communicate those ideas to our conscious mind.
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