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Theodore Roosevelt,Henry Cabot Lodge

Hero Tales from American History (Civil War Classics)

187 printed pages
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  • Tamara Eidelmanhas quoted2 years ago
    him. Had he been in command of white troops, I should have given him an honorable burial. As it is, I shall bury him in the common trench, with the negroes that fell with him." He little knew that he was giving the dead soldier the most honorable burial that man could have devised, for the savage words told unmistakably that Robert Shaw's work had not been in vain.
  • Tamara Eidelmanhas quoted2 years ago
    General Haywood, commanding the rebel forces, said to a Union prisoner: "I knew Colonel Shaw before the war, and then esteemed
  • Tamara Eidelmanhas quoted2 years ago
    Fort Wagner, which was ordered for that night. He had proved that the negroes could be made into a good regiment, and now the second great opportunity had come, to prove their fighting quality. He wanted to demonstrate that his men could fight side by side with white soldiers, and show to somebody beside their officers what stuff they were made of. He, therefore, accepted the dangerous duty with gladness. L

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