When Feelings Speak, Listen!: How to Manage Emotional Stress Using Your Emotions, M.S, APN, Freeda L.Biggs Moore, RN
M.S,APN,Freeda L.Biggs Moore,RN

When Feelings Speak, Listen!: How to Manage Emotional Stress Using Your Emotions

215 printed pages
Emotions are valuable entities. Along with our other levels of living, they have specific functions to contribute to our overall health and well-BEING. As permanent residents within us, they serve as our internal communications system. Every phase of our daily living is influenced by their involvement. They exist to perform two primary duties: – collect information about happenings in our internal and external worlds and – deliver messages concerning their findings to our brain for respectful consideration. Seemingly these are simple assignments designed by our Creator. Then what accounts for the increasing incidence of emotional stress as soaring beyond epidemic proportions? What is promoting its expansion? As scientifically advanced people, isn’t there some remedy that can effectively decrease and abate its growth? Yes, there is a solution and it actually works.
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