Patrick Gallagher

Til Death Do Us

The riveting true story of serial wife and husband killer Gladys Lincoln, written by the grandson of her lead defense attorney.
Includes love letters from the victim to the defendant hidden over seventy years!
In August 1945, Gladys Lincoln of Sacramento contacted prosperous Dr. W. D. Broadhurst of Caldwell, Idaho, and rekindled a romance from twenty years earlier. After many passionate letter exchanges and several sexually-charged meetings, they were married in Reno, Nevada on May 20, 1946. After a passion-filled three-day weekend together, the doctor returned to his home in Idaho, and Gladys returned to Sacramento . . . and to her husband, Leslie Lincoln! But Gladys was much more than a bigamist.
Gladys needed something even she didn’t understand. She married her first husband when she was twenty, and her second husband only fourteen months later. The second marriage lasted only two years, the third less than sixteen months. Leslie Lincoln was her fifth, and Dr. Broadhurst became her sixth. But what desperate need drove her to go from marriage to marriage?
And what dark mindset moved her and her young cowboy chauffeur to commit murder? Find out in ’Til Death Do Us . . . the gripping true crime from WildBlue Press author Patrick Gallagher, whose grandfather was Gladys’ lead defense attorney during her sensational trial.
266 printed pages
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