P. G. Wodehouse

The Intrusion of Jimmy

  • nettasturmhas quoted6 years ago
    It was not a night for conversation. The moon had turned terrace and garden into a fairyland of black and silver. It was a night to look and listen and think.
  • Oluchi 'buchi-Njerehas quoted8 years ago
    He felt that in the electric flame department of the infernal regions there should be a special gridiron, reserved exclusively for the man who invented these performances,
  • Oluchi 'buchi-Njerehas quoted8 years ago
    There was once a gentleman who remarked that he smelt a rat, and saw it floating in the air. Ex-Constable McEachern smelt a regiment of rats, and the air seemed to him positively congested with them.
  • Oluchi 'buchi-Njerehas quoted8 years ago
    Hildebrand Spencer Poynt de Burgh John Hannasyde Coombe-Crombie, twelfth Earl of Dreever ("Spennie" to his relatives and intimates),
  • Oluchi 'buchi-Njerehas quoted8 years ago
    Who was it that said, the point of a joke is like the point of a needle, so small that it is apt to disappear entirely when directed straight at oneself?
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