Disaster Survival (Collins Gem), Brian Beard
Brian Beard

Disaster Survival (Collins Gem)

How should you prepare for floods? What’s the best way to react during an earthquake? How should you signal for help, and what do you need in your supplies?
This book gives you practical tips and advice to keep you prepared as far as possible to help protect yourself and your loved ones in the face of any eventuality.
The Collins Gem Disaster Survival Guide provides advice on what to do in the event of a range of natural, civil and terrorist disasters. This book not only covers personal safety, but also explores how the safety of children, seniors and the disabled can best be achieved in differing, and difficult circumstances.
As well as exploring physical problems, the book also discusses the emotional reactions to a disaster, and how best to cope – including fear management techniques, and how to treat someone suffering from shock.
Natural disasters such as hurricanes, volanoes, avalanches and epidemics are featured, as well as civil and terrorist disasters including fire, chemical incidents and water shortage.
176 printed pages



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tslaps01has quoted6 months ago
If you must venture outdoors during a blizzard avoid heavy, physical exertion, e.g. shovelling snow, pushing vehicles or attempting to walk great distances through deep snow. The strain from such exertion, in the low temperatures that accompany blizzards, can cause a heart attack. Heavy perspiration can lead to chill and hypothermia.

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