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George Manville Fenn

The Khedive's Country

“The granary of the world, the vast store-house for nations: people have gone there to buy, but not to till; and yet it presents so many qualities that the wonder is that it should have been so long neglected; while now, in its state of transformation through the opening of the great dam and the cutting and forming of miles more irrigating canal, there is no bound to what may be done in the future. The time seems to be approaching when Egypt will no longer be spoken of as a narrow strip of fertile soil running from north to south and bordering the Nile, for its future seems to be that the barren sand far back from its banks will be turned into fertile land, adding its produce of corn and cotton to the store-house of the world.” 'The Khedive's Country' is a historical book looking at the agricultural bounty of Egypt as seen in the days of it Khedivate when it was an autonomous tributary state of the Ottoman Empire, established and ruled by the Muhammad Ali Dynasty.
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