Kari Kilgore

The Lightning Festival

A Strike of Magic

Zach Seagon loves the unusual town of Lightning Gap. The only place he feels at home.
Graham Cassoni welcomes the change of pace of mountain life.  A chance to start over.
When their eyes meet, an undeniable spark flares to life.
Will Zach and Graham realize the change they really need is each other?

An excerpt from The Lightning Festival:

A Spark of Magic

This new guy must be the caregiver, the one Craig Douglas had found to help out.

The younger Mr. Douglas hadn't mentioned hiring a knock-out gorgeous caregiver while he was at it.

From Zach's spot about twenty feet away, he saw curly brown hair and skin nearly as dark. About his own height, and built solid and strong, like he spent time hiking or biking or something equally enticing when he wasn't helping care for the sweet Douglases.

Mystery Gorgeous Guy looked up at Zach and smiled, and the setting sun highlighted perfect teeth, full lips, and swoon-worthy bright green eyes. Nature's own spotlight created to entice Zach even more.

The delightful waves of heat floating through his body told him he was about to experience the best Lightning Festival ever. Or, he was about to get himself into heartache territory.

Either way, in the warmth of that amazing smile, he was willing to take the chance.
23 printed pages
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