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When you're being chased down a magical staircase by mythological monsters, your survival depends on knowing who you can trust. But the only person Anna ever trusted was her mother, who lied about everything. Meet the new Heir to the secret Libraries that protect humanity's ancient treasures in the series USAToday called"Must-Read YA".
The Between Lions Series is critically acclaimed author Jodi Baker's mythological fantasy thrill ride about the ancient, dark, supernatural Libraries that secretly protect humanity’s greatest treasures, and Anna, the sixteen-year-old New York girl who is the unknowing Heir to it all. Called “Must-Read YA” by USAToday and "America's Answer to Harry Potter” by the Arriviste. Everything begins in Book One, with TRUST:


That’s what the voice inside my head kept repeating when I woke up between the infamous lion statues of the New York Public Library, with no idea how I got there and no memory of the last year of my life.

The only person I ever trusted was my mother, who lied about everything.

I want to trust myself, despite my missing memories. But hearing a voice inside my head obviously wasn’t a good thing, especially since it knew things I didn’t… like how to speak Ancient Sumerian, the fact that yellow-eyed people aren’t actually people, and that my mother’s Egyptian ankh necklace was the key to unlocking the truth she hid from me:

I’m the last in a long lineage of powerful women whose secrets date back to the ancient Library of Alexandria.

Before she disappeared my mother trained me to be an academic centurion. But it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that it’s a terrible idea to accept protection offers from shape-shifting, Were-assassins that despise you, or that you shouldn't take advice from a mysterious, hot guy with a habit of disappearing right before he tells you exactly what you need to know. You also don’t have to read a lot to know that when a supernatural stairway appears behind your closet door you should immediately run the other way.

Now I’m fighting like hell to stay alive while searching for both my missing mother and the truth, desperate to find something or someone I can trust.
Praise for Between Lions Series:
«America's Answer to Harry Potter is Jodi Baker's Trust.» -The Arriviste
«Loved the mysticism and magic. World building made me want to jump in the fight alongside Anna. Must-Read YA & Recommended Romance List!» -USA Today
"…First time young adult author Jodi Baker among the hottest authors." -Los Angeles Times
«TRUST is an exotic blend of cultures, mythology, & fantasy. I couldn't stop reading & can't wait to read more. I love Anna & Inanna and miss their voices already!» -Librarian Media Specialist,Jefferson City Public Schools
«I loved so many things about TRUST. Introducing young people to a pantheon not covered by Percy Jackson. A story with a basis in the library of Alexandria (as a librarian I'm almost required to love that)… the action, budding love story, and the mystery.. Trust is a brilliant introduction to a series I can't wait to get to finish.» -Tina Brison Librarian & Educator
«Great job creating strong female characters and portraying beautiful diverse characters!” -Bookworms and Owls
“Mythological fantasy masterpiece. I couldn’t put it down.” -Amazon Reviewer

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