Rupert Matthews

The Battle of Waterloo

Fought on 18 June 1815, the Battle of Waterloo was one of the most dramatic and decisive battles ever fought. Now in the bicentenary year of Waterloo, an experienced military historian takes a fresh look at this momentous conflict between Napoleon's celebrated grande armee and Wellington's battle-hardened veterans supported most notably by the Prussians but also the forces of the other Great Powers ranged against Napoleon, Austria and Russia.
The story begins with Napoleon's escape from Elba and his re-assumption of power in France. The actual battle was fought over several weeks, and how it took shape is described engagingly by Rupert Matthews, who draws vivid portraits of the main protagonists and explains their decision making. Ideal for those who want insights into 19th-century warfare as well as a concise overview of this momentous episode in European history. Includes battle maps and photographs.
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