Mack Reynolds

Off Course

  • Ирина Осипенкоhas quoted4 years ago
    The senior general didn't take his eyes from the alien and the spacecraft as he spoke, and they bugged quite as effectively as had those of the patrolmen when they'd first arrived on the scene.

    "I'm Major General Browning," he rapped. "I want a police cordon thrown up around this, er, vessel. No newsmen, no sightseers, nobody without my permission. As soon as Army personnel arrives, we'll take over completely."

    "Yes, sir," Larry Dermott said. "I just got a report on the radio that the governor is on his way, sir. How about him?"

    The general muttered something under his breath. Then, "When the governor arrives, let me know; otherwise, nobody gets through!"

    Dameri Tass said, "Faith, and what goes on?"

    The general's eyes bugged still further. "He talks!" he accused.

    "Yes, sir," Dermott said. "He had some kind of a machine. He put it over Tim's head and seconds later he could talk."

    "Nonsense!" the general snapped.
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