Andrew Murray

The Prayer Life

In ';The Prayer Life,' noted Christian author Andrew Murray addresses the problem of prayerlessness, a problem that knows no generational boundaries. Murray cuts to the heart of the problem, offering suggestions which, if followed, will have a serious impact on the life of the earnest reader. Murray explains that, since prayer is an outgrowth of abiding in Christ, prayerlessness is fundamentally a lack of abiding rather than simply a lack of prayer. ';The Prayer Life' is a challenging call to a deeper Christian experience, out of which will naturally flow a life of prayer. Much more than a book on how to pray, ';The Prayer Life' is a book on how to have a deeper spiritual walk.
112 printed pages

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    Carol Chomohas quoted5 years ago
    This prayer gives us a glimpse into the wonderful relationship between the Father and the Son, and teaches us, that all the blessings of heaven come continually through the prayer of him who is at God’s fight hand and ever prays for us.

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