Jessiqua Wittman

Memoir of Hope: Part Two

A Memoir of Hope: Part Two ~ Midday
From young bride to veteran mother, Hope's responsibilities expand so quickly she hardly has time to breathe. This is the best time of her life, or is it?
Marna is now a compromised country. Her leader is under the power of a foreign foe. Her people suffer under the boot of heavy-handed taskmasters. The third generation of Memoir of Life characters are seeing harder times than ever before. Hope is one of many women attempting to pave a way for her family through the sludge, sometimes by honorable methods, sometimes by the unthinkable.
The Memoirs of Life series contains the following books by Jessiqua Wittman:
Book One ~ A Memoir of Love
Book Two ~ A Memoir of Mercy
Book Three ~ A Memoir of Hope
Part One ~ Dawn
Part Two ~ Midday
Part Three ~ Dusk
Part Four ~ Midnight
Book Four ~ A Memoir of Patience
348 printed pages
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