Jonathan Dior NIMA NGAPEY

Synchro. Gods, Kings and Warriors

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In a time where knowledge and power is everything, a young prince from a small kingdom forges a new path. The first volume follows Davy's and Tina's mission to an ancient temple discovered in Silver City and hints at Ash's unique destiny.
For readers of all ages who like fantasy and adventure books.

Synchro (Gods, Kings and Warriors)
In a world where power and knowledge are everything, five kingdoms coexist and each one of the kingdoms is protected by warriors and ruled by kings. There are many warriors in every kingdom but the strongest are those with a high Nature Energy Level. They are called Perfect Warriors. Once a Perfect Warrior reaches God Energy Level, he is called god. But in an ancient manuscript found in the Golden Kingdom, it was written that after each thousand years, a new warrior would be born and He would possess the power of a Synchro and reunite the kingdom until the perfect Synchro called the God King Warrior comes and reunites the five kingdoms.
The manuscript also prophesied that once the power of the Perfect Synchro is awakened, every perfect and true warrior and god will feel it, no matter where they are, and will serve the Synchro because every time a Synchro power is awakened, another powerful warrior known as the dark Synchro also awakens and all dark warriors will serve him. The winner of their battle (battle of Synchros) becomes the leader of the kingdom.
In the previous four thousand years, four Synchros have already appeared. Today while people are waiting for the next Synchro to appear, a young prince named Ash is born in the smallest, newest and weakest kingdom. He starts walking on his path, without knowing what his future will be.
Each of the five kingdoms is located on different continents and some of them share borders. There is a peace treaty between four out of the five kingdoms; however there are still conflicts and fighting over small countries and islands located on the borders of two or three kingdoms. The White Kingdom is located in the northern continent, the Black Kingdom is located in the southern continent, the Golden Kingdom is located in the eastern continent, the Red Kingdom in located in the western continent, and the Blue Kingdom is located in the southeastern continent.
The Golden Kingdom is the strongest and largest kingdom out of the five; the Red Kingdom is considered second and is the most feared because even though it was the youngest kingdom before the recent creation of the Blue Kingdom, it possesses the best resource transformation techniques and beautiful cities; the White Kingdom is considered third and is full of wise people with wonderful skills; the Black Kingdom is considered fourth and is divided into two kingdoms, the light and the dark kingdom,  and, is also known as the Green Kingdom because it possesses one of the largest and most dangerous forests in the world; and the Blue Kingdom is the smallest and weakest out of the five. The Blue Kingdom is only twenty odd years old but is considered to be blessed by the heavens because it is surrounded by the ocean.
The Perfect Warriors' power is different in each of the five kingdoms because of the type of techniques, skill, and art those kingdoms have perfected for use in battle. People from each kingdom believe in a specific supreme God and several other gods.

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