Bjorn Peeters

The Woman In The Slimy Bathtub

The name is Rick, Houseman Rick. But you can call me Rick. I am the man who puts things right. Right in the house, to be more exact. Right in the house you’re renting out. If the bathroom needs scrubbing, call the cleaning lady. If the front yard looks like a toxic waste dump, you call me.
Rick Houseman is a tenant whisperer; when there’s a landlord pulling out his hair, he drives up his van to come save the day. Braving mountains of dirty diapers and ravines of moldy food, he risks his life to convince the filthiest, most irresponsible of tenants to…you know, leave. Using only diplomacy, and the power of the law — but it’s a rather creative use of the law.
‘The Woman In The Slimy Bathtub’ is EPISODE 1 of the series.
Do you like laugh-out-loud comedy that pokes fun at crooked laws (inspired by real laws) and extreme tenant behavior? Then give this new comedy series by Bjorn Peeters a try. Each story is a straight to the point half-hour read of fun and laughs—perfect to enjoy during a break at work, your commute,… or whenever you need to relax and have a laugh.

All stories in the series can be read independently, in any order you like.

Don’t read a lot? Or is English your second language? BJORN PEETERS comedies are FOR ADULTS, but at the same time EASY TO READ. Typically scoring 80+ on the Flesch–Kincaid readability scales.
24 printed pages
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