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Acclaimed Author Nea Anna Simone delivers an intriguing tale of a woman's struggle to embrace her family's past while trying to determine her own future!

Reborn, the uplifting sequel to the critically acclaimed award winning novel, Reaching Back by Nea Anna Simone.

Five years have passed since Mignon Samuels first discovered the priceless family journal that chronicles the lives of the strong women who came before her. Now Mignon Samuels has decided to chronicle her own journey, adding her own history to that of the four previous generations.

Mignon's journey takes her back to several periods in her family's history, including the early days of her grandparents' marriage and the troubles they faced, which in some way are similar to her own. Her mother, Uncle Eddie, and aunts Odele and Sofia each have all had their own obstacles to overcome; womanizing, drug addiction, and even murder! They have always sought the healing power of God, but it will take years, perhaps decades, for those who survive to really see the light.

As she delves deeper into her family's murky past, Mignon unearths a secret that turns the world as she knows it, upside-down. With her sense of self, shaken, she must face a difficult loss. Yet, like her proud ancestors, she knows the value of experiencing rebirth, and of finding the strength and faith to change her life, and her family's future. Will Mignon be able to harness the insight and strength from her ancestors' courage to keep moving forward despite all the odds against her.

Author Simone explains her reasons for writing the spellbinding sequel, «I wrote Reborn as the sequel to Reaching Back because I felt there was still a story that had not been told.» Reaching Back was the first step…confrontation. Reborn is the next step….self realization. Reborn speaks of second chances to right the wrongs we've created by the choices we've made.
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