Albert Yeung,Ana Ivkovic,Gregory L. Fricchione

The Science of Stress

“A comprehensive examination of stress” from three prominent neuropsychiatrists (The Boston Globe).
Jobs and families. Deluges of digital communication. The constant demands on our time and money. The screaming match of politics and the threat of terrorism and war. There’s no doubt we’re stressed out—but what exactly is it doing to us?
Neuropsychiatrists Gregory L. Fricchione, Ana Ivkovic, and Albert Yeung gently remind us in this book that persistent stress is directly linked to chronic ailments like heart disease, diabetes, and depression, contributing to one of the biggest health challenges facing the world in the twenty-first century. As they show, alleviating stress is a task no one physician can accomplish. It’s not the sort of problem a surgeon can excise with a scalpel or an internist can eradicate with antibiotics. It requires everyone’s efforts—the healthy, the sick, doctors, nurses, psychologists, clergy, community leaders, and beyond—to pull together to address the stress-induced drivers in our world that undermine our health.
Clearly and accessibly exploring the latest in modern neuroscience and immunology, the authors examine what those drivers are and how they reduce the body’s metabolic reserve, making us more vulnerable to illness. They then look at the antidote: enhanced resilience, something we can achieve by intelligently adjusting how we face the significant adversities that can spring up in so many facets of our lives. With innumerable insights on the personal and social causes of stress and its physiological effects, this book serves as an essential guide to properly taking care of ourselves.
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