Robert Chalmers

Talking With the Dead

The idea of communicating with the dead is a perennial human fascination. Novelist and columnist Robert Chalmers has maintained an interest in what may or may not be out there over many years and this Newsweek Insights eBook is a fascinating tour of his research and experiences. He relates encounters and phenomena he just can't explain and interviews a variety of prominent figures in the world of psychic research, mediums and healers, as well as "ordinary" people whose lives have been turned upside down by events that can only be described as paranormal. Chalmers’ characteristic acerbic wit, combined with a gentle respect for many of his interviewees result in a read that will have you alternately smirking, disbelieving, and credulous. Richard Wiseman, Professor of Public Understanding of Psychology, plays Virgil to Chalmers' Dante on his path through the unexplained. It’s a journey that ranges from the inexplicable to the ridiculous and back again. And at times, it’s just plain spooky.
50 printed pages
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