Thomas Roberts

My Illicit BBC Hotwife Gangbang

Beverly’s husband seems more
interested in his smartphone than in her, so she flirts outrageously with a black man in a bar. Soon she’s in his room having raunchy sex while her shocked
and excited husband watches. Now she’s hooked on BBC, and one sexy black waiter
won’t be enough to satisfy her desires. Her husband takes her to a seedy bar where she’s used by six seriously built black studs.

~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~
husband surprised me with a dress for my birthday. The entire dress, from my chest to well above my knees, was held together by six buttons. It was a beautiful
purple color that went well with my near-black hair.
have a special surprise for you,” Phil said, looking so proud of himself I could only guess what evil he had in mind. He hadn’t been able to talk about
much else except my night with Leon, and every time it came up, so did he.
not that I wanted him to forget what had happened. We’d never felt so close and the love we’d made since was mind-blowing. I loved what the experience had done
to our relationship even if my conscience still got the better of me, at times.
give up, what’s your ‘special surprise,’” I asked.
going out for your birthday. First, we’ll have dinner, and we’ll drink too much
good. What’s the second part?”
he had such a dirty grin on his face. He was getting so excited, it was like he couldn’t wait to tell me the second part. “We’re going to a bar, a down and dirty country-western bar out in the sticks, and you’re going to sit on a stool
while I sit at a table and watch you.”
it, I’m just going to sit there while you stare at me?”
that’s not the whole story. Here goes, are you ready?” he asked. I just looked
at him and waited, this had to be good given how excited he was.
don’t wear anything under the dress, and every time a man buys you a drink, you unfasten one of the six buttons,” he was almost too excited for his pants.
happens when they’re all open, and I’m naked in a country-western bar?”
was excited by the idea despite myself. My husband wanted me to go to a bar already
half in the bag and let men buy me even more alcohol while I unbuttoned my dress. I could feel my heart race at the thought.
it have to be a down and dirty country-western bar?” I asked before he could
answer my first question.
Because you’re going to go the man who buys you the last drink,” he shook with
When are we doing this?” I knew how excited I was, and my husband was throbbing
as I touched him through his pants.
Right now. It’s Saturday night, so go get yourself ready.”
was wonderful, and true to his word, Phil didn’t let my wine glass get empty.
By the time we were finished, and the check had been paid, my legs weren’t
working properly as Phil guided me to the car.
want you in my mouth,” I told him, my words slightly slurred.
looked at him in amazement. “You’re turning down the opportunity to be in my
I’m going to watch you unbutton your dress for strangers in a dirty bar. I want
to enjoy every minute,” he told me. “Then I’m going to use your mouth. If nobody else is using it.”
stared at him before turning to look around me. We were parked in a gravel
parking lot in front of a one-story rundown building with beer signs in the
windows and loud music leaking out the open door. Next to us was a gigantic
pickup truck. On the other side of our car was an even bigger pickup truck. Our car was one of only two regular sedans in the lot.
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