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Robert Dilts

Changing Belief Systems With NLP

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Changing Belief Systems with NLP describes advanced NLP techniques for identifying and influencing key beliefs. NLP provides a model of the mind and a set of behavioral tools that can allow people to unlock some of the hidden mechanisms of beliefs and belief systems. Through the processes of NLP, beliefs and the neurolinguistic and physical elements which influence beliefs, may be explored and influenced in a comprehensive and pragmatic way.
This book is a result of the author’s extensive exploration of the underlying processes which influence beliefs using the tools of NLP. It is primarily drawn from a manuscript of a seminar on belief change. By doing so, it presents and preserves some of the feeling and interactive insight that comes from the real life experience of working with people and their beliefs.
Some of the belief change techniques covered in the book include the Failure into Feedback Strategy, Reimprinting, Integration of Conflicting Beliefs and the Meta Mirror Format.
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  • Ndalamo Rasivhagahas quoted3 years ago
    The immune system is the part of the body responsible for its identity
  • Ndalamo Rasivhagahas quoted3 years ago
    she was very incongruent about her identity.
  • Ndalamo Rasivhagahas quoted3 years ago
    old molecules, those rocks from the past, which keep the roots of this new identity from growing all the way through the richness of the person’s life experiences.

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